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Dental care for children can include many hard decisions for parents. The staff at Mint are well trained to provide the best care and education to our little patients and their parents!



There are so many decisions as a parent that can be anxiety inducing and almost debilitating. Here at Mint, we hope to provide an atmosphere where not only are all your questions answered, but you also are equipped with guidance that you may not have known prior to coming in. We also pride ourselves in creating an environment where children can learn to if not LOVE the dentist, then at least not completely dread dental visits!



Preventative care is amongst one of our top priorities here at Mint. We provide services that can prolong the health of your children's teeth. Included are: fluoride varnish applications, sealants for adult molars, and professional in house cleanings. We also equip them with lasting oral hygiene techniques that will benefit them through the rest of their lives. We strive for a future of overall dental health for our community!



A shocking or really not so shocking discovery, is that at some point in our lives the majority of the population will get a cavity and need a Dentist to fix it. It especially can occur during our younger years, as we learn the best techniques to keep our teeth healthy. Here at Mint, our Dentist's are professionally trained to provide the best treatment for the children that come through our office. Fillings and Stainless Steal Crowns are common procedures that are needed throughout childhood. 



There are so many things that can cause the need for the Dentist to extract teeth, especially baby teeth. If a child is struggling losing one or removing one on their own, we are happy to make the experience as quick and as painless as possible! We hope to create an experience where children are not afraid of all the changes that their mouth and teeth are going through, or having to have the Dentist assist in their dental needs. 

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